Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Look at the fun we had exploring different hobbies last week.

Can we mix oil and water?

What happens to cornflour when we add water?

Having fun playing hopscotch.

Trying out different dance moves.

Planting seeds.

Watching raisins dance.

Having fun cutting up vegetables.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Rockin' with Walter

My Dad is an old rocker. He used to play the guitar in his band. He played in a really cool band called Smoke Striker. They played in colourful smoke.

Walter came to our MLE to show us his hobby. His hobby was his guitar. He taught us a, b, c, d, e and f. He played some music when we were tidying up.
By Matthew

On Monday Walter came in to show us his hobby. It was the guitar. I couldn’t wait. It was amazing. He is like a rock star.  It sounded like thunder and lightning. His guitar was red and white. He showed us how to make his guitar scream.
By Summer

Having a jam session singing Royals by Lorde.
 On Monday Walter came to our studio. He plays the guitar.   He was only 14 when he started.  He played in a band with his friends. It was cool because he played awesome music. He is good at playing the guitar.
By Patrick

By Nathan

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Look what we did in Discovery today...

Leon found this skeleton in his garden and his mum glued it together. We really enjoyed looking closely at it to see what the different parts were. Can you guess what it is?

Painting water pictures on the courtyard.
Having fun with water.
Exploring the science table.
Making talking animals.

Using the new shape punchers to make cards and pictures.
Ice cream made out of playdough.
Using the boxes to make a suitcase to go camping with.
On Wednesday Darryn came and shared his hobbies. One of his hobbies is car racing. He has a special helmet that has a neck protector.He also has a special suit that is fireproof because if an accident happens then you don't get hurt but you need to get some pj's or some boxes on underneath it.
By Poppy

Darryn Henderson's hobbies are motor-cross and sometimes car racing but mostly motor-cross. He does downhill biking too. He showed us some of his helmets. He tried on his car racing helmet for us. When you try a helmet on your cheeks look all squished. He has a special fireproof suit but you have to wear pj's or undies under it. He has so many medals and trophies but he said it's not all about trophies and medals.
By Charlotte

What is a hobby?

Hobbies are fun. Some peoples hobbies are sports. Everyone can have hobbies even adults can. You can have hobbies in a group or by yourself.
By Barnaby

Hobbies are things you like doing. You do hobbies when you have spare time. Everyone can have a different hobby so if someone likes shopping and you don't, and you like going to the park instead, that is okay.
By Melissa

Hobbies are things that you love doing and make your life awesome! Hobbies are basically for everyone because big people are great at hobbies. Babies don't have hobbies. You do hobbies in your spare time, after work, after school and after an event.
By Jaxson

A moment in time.....

I heard gigantic claws smashing old Room 10 and windows crumbling to pieces.

I saw piles of wood getting picked up and dropped like they don't even care about it any more.

I felt like there was a dinosaur standing next to me smashing everything. 

I wondered where all of the wood would go.

by Tainui