Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Today we went to Olympia Gym and it was really fun. In the warm up we did lots of balancing. Can you guess what parts of our bodies we were trying to balance on? by Izzy and Mercedez


  1. Room 10, I love your blog.
    I think you have been balancing on your feet, hands, heads and your backs.
    Miss Tempero

  2. Hi our names are Luke and Max.
    we think we know what you are balancing on.
    you are balancing on your bottom,tummy,back,elbows and knees.bye :D

  3. hi it is Sam
    from room 19 halswell school how long did it take you

    hi it is sam from
    rooom19 halswell school how long could you balance there and was it hard to stay like that was anything else hard at the Olympia gym i think you were balance on your leg am i right. goodbye from sam

  4. Hello are names are Siena and Katie.
    We think that you are trying to balance on your bottoms.
    You children are amazing at balancing.
    Was it hard?
    From Siena and Katie.