Monday, 9 September 2013

Our weekend

In the weekend I went to rugby league prize giving at the Halswell Hornets club rooms.  I got a trophy for the most improved player.  I bought my trophy to school and it broke in my bag and it was not funny.  It was sad.  I was sad.

In the weekend I went to the Sydenham club. I got a trophy. I was the last one to get one. I got it for always arriving at rugby games and practice. The trophy is gold. It has a man getting a try on it and a big rugby ball. I was proud of myself.

In the weekend I went to Dad’s house and made a sock puppet. It is a dolphin and it has button eyes and nose.  It has orange triangles on its back and it’s fins and tail are light blue. The body is gray. It has some pretty decorations on it and it has eyelashes and eyebrows that are light blue. It has a love heart on the top fin.


  1. Ana, it is so cool that you brought your sock puppet to school to show your class.
    Love Dad xx

  2. hi i'm sam from 9plus10 at halswell school.
    well done to the trophy winers and the sock puppet maker but it is really sad that that your trophy brock and were did it brack.????
    have a great day room 10:):)