Thursday, 20 March 2014

Have you ever met a scientist?

Have you ever met a scientist? Well, on Wednesday I saw a real scientist. He told us about insects and showed us pictures on the TV. I learnt a lot from him. He showed us spiders that can camouflage themselves. They turn the same colour as flowers which I didn't know. Simon is clever. He showed us a web and it looked like the sky. If flies try to go threw it the spiders will trap them. By Charlotte.
Can you see the crab spider? It is camouflaged.
On Wednesday Simon showed us some insects and mammals. My favourite was a spider that could change colour. Simon showed us a gigantic spider web and it looked like it could catch a human. By Izzy

We went to Room 1 to look at pictures of spiders. My favourite was the one with four eyes. It was fun and there was lots to learn. By Nathan

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