Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Recycled Robots

Today we made these super cool robots in Room 10.  We REUSED items that were no longer needed and found lots of the things we needed in the RECYCLING bins which helped us to REDUCE our class rubbish.  Yesterday we drew a plan with a buddy and talked about the things we needed.  Next we looked at school and went home and found the stuff we wanted to use.  Today we worked with a buddy to create the robots we had made in our plans.  We had to change some of our ideas as we worked because sometimes things just didn't work.  We also had to interact with our buddy, listen to each others ideas and make decisions together.  We are all very proud of our robots!!


  1. Very creative - well done! We can recognise some of the bits - it's good to see them being put to another use.

  2. Wow Room 10, your robots look super cool. What a clever idea to reuse your rubbish. Maybe over the holidays you could make something at home using the rubbish out of your recycling bin. I have seen some groovy pencil holders and picture frames made out of recycling. If you do make something I would love to hear all about it when I see you again at the start of next term. I can't wait! Mr Waddles is even going to come for a visit before he has to go back to Sumner School. From Mrs O'C

  3. These robots are awesome! Well done guys :) From Melissa's Mum.