Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What if we had no power for a day......

Today there is a power cut. Everyone has to work without electricity. No one can play with the computer. Everyone can’t have toast.
By Theo.

Today on news headlines there was a gigantic power cut in Christchurch at 1am in the morning. There was a storm in Christchurch and  the power lines got hammered! We have no electricity until tomorrow. This means we can’t message, do work or play Clash of the Clans!
By Jackson  
Today there was no electricity in the world. There was a power cut. The toaster wouldn’t go on. I couldn’t play on the iPad because it was flat. It was funny because mum washed me because there was no hot water.
By Summer

Today there was a power cut. Everyone didn’t get up . The toasters wouldn’t go. I had weetbix. Everyone was late. Everyone couldn’t use the computer.
By Matthew

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