Monday, 10 November 2014

Rockin' with Walter

My Dad is an old rocker. He used to play the guitar in his band. He played in a really cool band called Smoke Striker. They played in colourful smoke.

Walter came to our MLE to show us his hobby. His hobby was his guitar. He taught us a, b, c, d, e and f. He played some music when we were tidying up.
By Matthew

On Monday Walter came in to show us his hobby. It was the guitar. I couldn’t wait. It was amazing. He is like a rock star.  It sounded like thunder and lightning. His guitar was red and white. He showed us how to make his guitar scream.
By Summer

Having a jam session singing Royals by Lorde.
 On Monday Walter came to our studio. He plays the guitar.   He was only 14 when he started.  He played in a band with his friends. It was cool because he played awesome music. He is good at playing the guitar.
By Patrick

By Nathan

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