Monday, 1 July 2013

'At Olympia Gym' poems

Legs and arms are tucking in to do a forward roll.
Legs pushing down on the trampoline to jump high.
Balls bouncing up high in the sky.
Hoops swinging around hips. 
By Jackson

Children's legs push on the trampoline to do a 360 twist with our bodies.
Feet walking across the beam, balancing.
Hands reaching up to the sky like a giraffe.
Children walking to play the game fruit salad.
By Samuel

Bodies are balancing on the beam.
Legs are hopping.
Kids pretending to be elephants.
Children challenging themselves.
By Lilly

Springing toes jumping on the trampoline.
Arms bouncing the ball
Bodies are tucked up ready for a forward roll.
Feet are doing hopscotch.
Children having fun!
By Isabelle

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