Monday, 2 December 2013

Matching Game 2

Match the description to the alien.

1. My alien has colour fire coming out of his ear. He has curls on his body. He has green and red coke bottles on his back. He has a sword and he is good at fighting. He has five eyes that can shoot lasers. He has a star belly button. He likes to sword fight. He likes to tickle and fly in the sky. He likes to burn people. He likes to squish people with his elephant foot.

2.My alien has an alien ship body. It has an elephant trunk. It has six eyes. It has an orange foot and black foot. It has a wiggly mouth. It has wiggly arms. It can run fast. It can spin too.

3. My alien has magnetic arms. He has a hover board instead of feet. My alien has a rainbow karate belt and has different ears. My alien has a moustache and blue teeth. My alien likes sucking in planets that are magnetic. And he likes flying around. My alien likes doing karate and he has good hearing. He likes shooting out hairs from his moustache and he likes blue lollipops. His name is Baby Zezo.
By Samuel

4. My alien has ears like Yoda He has a brain sticking out of his head. He has two springs for feet and one big elephant leg. He has a disgusting green mouth. He has six wriggly arms. He has a cat nose. My alien is called Brainhead. He is good at smelling and hearing. He can stomp on people and bounce really high. He can fit heaps of food in his mouth and has a big appetite. He is very, very smart and if you go near him he will eat you in one second.


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