Monday, 2 December 2013

Matching game 3

Can you match the alien with the correct description?

1. My alien is called Cuteness. My alien can see everywhere – left and right, front and back. He can sniff a lot with his pig snout. He has 6 tails. He also has red hands and wings. His first wing is blue and his second wing is orange. He likes swimming and flying. He also likes to scare and kill. He has veins in his eyes. His skin is two colours.
By Isobella
2. My alien has green spots on it. They are shaped like circles. It has two wings on each side. There are yellow arms. One is big and one is small. It has a long thin tongue with one set of teeth. It has eight legs. It looks like a puppy. It is good at flying. It has two teeth like a baby. It crawls like a kitten. It likes to eat cat food and lots and lots of dog food. It likes to skip in circles in his house.
By Caitlin

3. My alien has a red body with a pink love heart on it. It has blue teeth.  It has one big eye, one medium eye and one small eye. It has a green swirly belly button. It has six  brown legs that move fast. It is good at seeing things. Its name is rainbow. It is super clever and it talks fast.
By Mercedez

4. My alien has three eyes and a belly button that can blink. He is a boy. He has a jet pack and stripes. He likes flying. He likes eating people.
By Caleb

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