Monday, 19 May 2014

Bok from Croatia

Bok Room 10, ( that means hello in Croatian)
Mr Waddles and my family have been having fun in Croatia.
Can you find Croatia on the map?

This is the Croatian Flag.

Mr Waddles has liked being next to the sea again and trying the different fish.

I have loved eating gelato (ice cream).

Mr Waddles has also liked looking at all the old buildings and fortresses. 

This is the old town in Dubrovnik. Can you see the big wall surrounding it. The city wall was built in the 13th century to stop different people invading the city. Mr Waddles and I walked the city wall which was fun. 

Dovidenja (Bye)
Mrs O'C and Mr Waddles

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  1. "We like the fish and the ice cream!" From Room 10