Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mr Waddles visits London

Hello from London,
Mr Waddles and my family have been busy visiting lots of places in London.  London is the capital city of England. Just like Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand.

We went on a open top bus tour.
Here is Mr Waddles outside Buckingham Palace. This is where the Queen lives when she is in London.

The clock tower in the background is very famous. Do you know the name of the bell in the clock?

Mr Waddles really liked Tower Bridge because it can open up to let boats through.

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  1. "We really miss you Mrs O'Callaghan and we hope that you are having a good time. We liked seeing the adventures that you and Mr Waddles are having!" said Room 10.
    "Is Mr Waddles an alive penguin and is he a Hoiho?" asked Maia and Izzy.
    "Where did you get Mr Waddles from?" asked Poppy.
    "I really liked the photo of the bridge opening for the boats to go through" said Caitlin.