Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Last week, in awesome Room 10, we were learning all about measurement. We all got an enormous piece of paper. We found a buddy. My buddy was Matthew. We all had to draw around each other by taking turns.First I drew around Matthew then he drew around me. We measured each other with pink rods. The next day we measured our ankles and wrists.  We learnt what parts of our bodies are longer than other parts of our body. My ankle was longer than my wrist.
By Charlotte

For our maths topic we were learning about measurement. We figured out that our hands were smaller than our feet. Next we tied a piece of string around our head and then a piece of string around our ankle.  The piece of string around our head was bigger than the piece of string around our ankle. We also measured how tall we were. We learnt when you measure two different things, the things that you use to measure need to be the same size.
By Tainui
We used string to measure how tall we are.
We compared our heights using the string.

We checked to see if the length of our hand was longer than our foot.

We discovered lots of measuring words:

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