Thursday, 28 August 2014

We have moved....

Our old classroom at reading time....

Our new studio at reading time...

Thoughts about our new space...

Our new classroom is not a classroom, it is a studio. Our studio is more colourful than our other classroom. I like the furniture and my favourite furniture is the cookie pads. We have a lot of rooms in our studio.

We have moved in with Room 8. We now have a bigger writing corner so Room 8 can write as well. I like being in our new studio because it is more exciting than our old classroom.

Hooray, hooray, we’ve moved to the new school. In the new school we have this chart, a self-directed learner chart.  A self-directed learner is a person who does things by themselves and who is independent.  You don’t want to be a teacher-directed learner because you have to follow the teacher and go in certain spots. The studio is colourful.

The new school is as colourful as a rainbow. The couches in B2 are blue and green. We share space with all B1 and B2. Our chairs are much better than our old room 10 chairs. When we were in our old room 10 the chairs were horrible because they always use to fall down when people sat on them. Our new school is always perfect. Well almost perfect.

Room 10 has shifted to B2. It has big couches. I like the kneeling tables best. Next I like the cookie pads. They are only for sitting on. Fourth, I like the flower table. Fifth, I like the standing table. It is really different because the colours are lighter.
By Zara

In B2 we have made some new rules. Use walking feet inside. In B2 we use inside voices and keep our hands to ourselves. Do not stand on the cookie pads and you can move the couches. No climbing on the tables. We don’t run inside B2. You should not go in the teachers room.
By Eddie

Our new learning space has a lot more colours than our old room 10. It has bright and colourful furniture. We share the space with room 8. We have new rules. They are use walking feet, sit on the cookie pads, say nice things to each other, use an inside voice, put things away and keep our hands to ourself. Our old room had no colours.
By Tainui

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